Fantastic Inspiration And Where To Find It

April 28, 2020 2 min read

The topic of finding inspiration has always been something of a black box to me. Even when I'm writing software it's often hard to see creative ways to solve a problem in which times I'm forced to go with a not-the-most-clever solution and call it a day. This, of course, works. But it's very dull and it's hard to continuesly complete the tasks at hand when there's no inspiration present. This is very much true in any creative field, I assume. And it's very demotivating, which has a number of other bad consequences.

But in this post I want to talk about design specifically. Now that I'm learning and practicing design more and more, I also am in need of that much-valued inspiration. So how do I find it? Well, it's easier than you think.


Whenever I'm in doubt as to what way to do something or when my will has been broken and I just can't seem to draw even the simplest of boxes - I turn to Dribbble. You see, when designers-block hits me, I resort to stealing. Well, I mean not exactly stealing, but stealing. You heard it right. I go through a number of designs on Dribbble that I like, take ideas from all of them, mix them together and add a little bit of my own preference to them.

Often what happens is that before I even realize I have design flowing out of me with no more stealing needed and even on the very dark days where that doesn't kickstart my creative brain juices, I just repeat that same process over and over until the work at hand is done.

Design Social Club

Another great resource of endless inspiration is the Design Social Club on Slack, which has quite a few channels for you to idle in and to stumble upon what seems like infinite awesomeness of design resources. It's probably even better if you put in the effort of partaking in discussions as well, you may even make some friends there! I personally am more of the idle type, but regardless of how sociable you are, repeating the same tactic I mentioned beforehand to nitpick different ideas from things you like and mixing it together with your own added flavour still works.

Basically, just browse

The thing with ideas is that pretty much 99% of them are already executed in multiple ways. Whatever it is you are working on that you are lacking inspiration for is probably already done by someone, somehow. So search the web for similar problems and check out their solutions. Not all solutions will apply to your use case of course, and don't forget to remember design best practices because not all solutions you find adhere to them, but at the very least you should get the ball rolling. However, if you're designing something never designed before, you're reading the wrong blog.

Of course in the end of the day, the hardest part is getting started. Once you do the rest is much, much easier. This advice doesn't really cover the getting started part, but rather the stuck-in-the-middle part.